KBSSBRIDA will be the first choice for fixed plant maintenance in the Pilbara. Our mission is to deliver ongoing expertise and value to our clients and staff by investing in our local people.

KBSSBRIDA is the Pilbara based, engineering services provider that believes quality people deliver quality services.

KBSSBRIDA is committed to a reputation for reliable excellence and leading-edge engineering careers for local people. Careers that support our families and our clients, through the cycles of maintenance and expansion.

The Pilbara’s world-class assets and unique environment is the mother of pioneering innovation. KBSSBRIDA draws on trusted local Aboriginal and Engineering expertise to serve our clients, deepen our knowledge and attract respect.

KBSSBRIDA is guided by local decision-makers and aims to build and maintain world-class infrastructure to profit not only our clients, owners and staff, but all the people and assets of Ngarliyarndu (coastal Pilbara).