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Project Background

The Sundrop Farm Project will harness solar energy to desalinate seawater to produce fresh water for the crops, generate heat to maintain the correct glasshouse temperature and produce electricity to power the facility.

Power island
15 Hectares of mirrors (23,000 individual mirrors) focused on the 126 metre tall solar concentrator tower.

The tower fed super-heated steam to 3 places – multi effect desalination plant (MED), bypass condenser which maintained the 95 degree water stored in the two thermal storage units (1 tank at 42ML and 1 @ 25ML), and finally to the 1.5MW steam turbine to develop power for the site.

Then we had 20 Hectares of greenhouses (4 even sized houses) where hot water was passed through approximately 50km of heating pipes for the winter and evaporative cooling was used in hotter months via cardboard paneling with sea water passing over them – flushed with fresh water once a week to reduce salt build up.

3 ponds – fresh, sea and brine. Fresh water 100% sealed with floating roof to maintain cleanliness of water.

Throughout the project KBSS played a key role in safely delivering key project milestones including:

  • Assist in installation of 126m tall solar concentrator tower including ladder and lift installation and commissioning.

  • Tower rescue trained personnel to enable tower works.

  • Coded welding of steam and process pipe (ASME B31.1 and ASME 31.3)

  • Installation of mechanical equipment.

  • Hydrostatic pressure testing of all systems.

  • Commissioning of piping and pumps including initial steam blow down.

  • Installation and commissioning of key plant including

    • MED
    • Steam turbine (inc laser alignment)
    • Backup diesel boiler
    • Backup diesel generator
  • Punchlisting

Project Details




Sundrop Farms, Port Augusta, South Australia


KBSS were labour hired to assist John Holland in their self-performed portion of works due to our quality tradesman and specialist crews.

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