Engineering & Contracting Services

KBSS Engineering providing industry renowned service, offering specialised engineering and construction services across various resource assets and facilities.

ISO accreditation and highly skilled resources provide KBSS Engineering with an ability to offer services that include engineering, mechanical, machiningelectrical, civil and construction, and fabrication.

Engineering Services


Engineering services offered by KBSS Engineering provide the capability to tender on major turnkey projects, whilst also fulfilling smaller scale maintenance, repairs and upgrades within the industry, including:

  • Construction and fabrication
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Competencies in many engineering specialisations
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Machining Services


KBSS facilities and capacity to mobilise large teams and equipment, allow for on-site and off-site machining projects to be completed in a diverse range of scenarios. Our Machining Services include:

  • Laser flatness and track surveys
  • Ring type joint grooves (RTJ) with transportable equipment
  • Large scale circular milling & X-Y milling
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Mechanical Engineering


KBSS Engineering offers a number of Mechanical services varying in scale and complexity. KBSS teams can repair, replace, commission and service all plant and machinery within most industries, including:

  • Laser alignments
  • Flange management integrity, full history and QA documentation
  • Stud stretching, hydraulic and pneumatic torque tensioning
  • Leak sealing
  • Composite repair in oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, steel and power generation
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Electrical Engineering


KBSS brings together decades of expertise in commercial, industrial, marine and residential electrical installations and maintenance. This experience allows KBSS engineering to work projects including:

  • Installations of mains, sub mains & switchboards
  • Marine on-board systems
  • Periodic & routine testing and maintenance

All work can be completed with the support of KBSS Engineering’s large stockpile of equipment.

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Civil & Construction

KBSS Engineering’s multi-skilled workforce offers a range of civil, construction and structural services,  including:

  • Water, drainage and waste water solutions
  • HDPE and steel pipe welding
  • Earth stakes and geo-tech vertical drilling
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