Machining & Mechanical Services

KBSS specialise in delivering diverse insitu Machining and Mechanical services. These services include large scale circular milling, insitu balancing machining, electric and pneumatic stud stretching, as well as the provision of BOSIET and EB CBA trained staff.

KBSS Engineering’s Machining & Mechanical Services include:

  • Large scale circular milling and X-Y milling i.e machining of slew bearings and up to 24m diameter, gear box, motor & pump bases
  • Laser alignments- Pumps, gear boxes, electric motors, gas and steam turbines. We offer full QA-QC reporting on every alignment
  • Hydraulic stud stretching and torque tensioning (electric or pneumatic)
  • Insitu balancing machines
  • Laser flatness- Fully equipped with Hamar laser systems
  • Flange management – Trained, competent and certified personnel
  • Fully equipped with flange facing machine’s from 0-102” and clamshell machine’s up to 56”
  • BOSIET and EB CBS trained staff ready within moments from the heliport